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Schedule A Meeting

Scheduling A Meeting

Freedom For Living does business the “old-fashioned” way – we meet families and individuals the way they prefer to meet; including:

  • Video Conference (Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc.)
  • Conference call over the phone 
  • Face to Face at your home, across the kitchen table
  • Over a cup of coffee (or other beverage)

We have found these options are preferred over meeting in an office environment – it’s more relaxing and stress-free for clients.

How to Schedule:

  1. Schedule Appointment Determine how and where you would like to meet, then select what appointment type, date and time you would like for your appointment.

  2. Your InformationComplete the information section

We value your business, and your questions are important to us. If you have challenges scheduling due to a date or time issue, contact us directly:

  • Colorado Clients: 720.583.9850
  • PA & NJ Clients:   610.477.2900
  • All Other States:   610.477.2900

Please Note: As Christians, husbands, and parents, we have a policy that we do not meet with single females alone at their home, without another adult in attendance. Being men of integrity, we do this to honor our wives, and to make a comfortable atmosphere for our female clients. We are happy to meet via video conference, or in a public venue such as over coffee or at a restaurant.We hope you understand and appreciate our position on this. 

For Business & Group Plans:

Business and group plans pose unique situations, and we are excited to help our groups and entrepreneurs! Contact us to discuss how we can help you. Some services we offer companies and groups include:

  • On-site Financial Education for your Business or Groups.
  • Specialized financial planning for business owners and employees, including:
    • SEP IRA’s and SIMPLE IRA’s
    • Employee Life Insurance
    • Financial Guidance and Planning for employees
    • Identity Theft and Restoration Plans