Dave Ramsey ELP

Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP)

Ron Rogers is proud to be the Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for Investing for Northern Colorado and Northern New Jersey. 

The Dave Ramsey organization strives to connect their followers with professionals they can trust. Chosen providers are held to the highest standards of excellence and must have the heart of a teacher and always put the client's needs first. Ron does all of this and more.

In order to become an ELP, you need to share the same philosophy as Dave. Dave believes that ELP's need to be forthright and honest and share a similar investment attitude. ELP's go through rigorous interviews and are continuously evaluated to ensure they maintain an exceptional level of professionalism.

As a Dave Ramsey ELP, Ron is held accountable by members of Dave's team and by customer reviews. In today's world, it has become increasingly complicated to find trustworthy and competent financial professionals, realtors, insurance agents or tax services. There are too many unfulfilled promises. Dave wanted his fans and others to be able to find an accomplished professional they can trust, a professional who gives  helpful advice in line with which Dave provides on his show.

Being an independent agent with Capital Choice Financial Group and CCF Investments has enabled Freedom for Living to further assist families in attaining financial freedom through this priceless endorsement.

The bottom line: Freedom for Living helps to provide our clients with the products and services available to breathe new faith into your finances!